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Modular Flooring Systems



EverBlock® manufactures a complete line of modular flooring systems to meet your various needs. From dance floors, to marquee flooring and from stadium turf protection systems to exhibit flooring, EverBlock has an interlocking flooring system for your specific application. Hotels, marquee and event companies, stadiums, arenas, exhibit builders, and residential and corporate users all utilise EverBlock Flooring to meet their flooring needs and requirements.


Ever Flooring - Stages - EverBlockNZ.jpg
Modular flooring blocks-dance floor-Ever
Tent floor-EverBlockNZ.jpg
Event Flooring - EverBlockNZ.jpeg
Wood flooring-everblocknz.jpg

30.48cm x 30.48cm Dance Floor

30.48cm x 30.48cm Solid Top Tile**

30.48cm x 30.48cm Drainage Tile*

EverBlockNZ-party floor.jpg

45.72cm x 60.96cm Drainage Tile*

everblocknz-event floor.jpg

45.72cm x 60.96cm Solid Top*


Ground Protection Mat*

(*): Not in Stock in New Zealand.

(**): Limited colours currently available in New Zealand. 

Contact Us  for your specific needs and requirements.

Our Floor Versions Work Together to Create a Completely Integrated Flooring System

Each EverBlock floor version contains unique features specific to its application, yet the modules work together and can interconnect, providing the ultimate in flexibility.  For example, our dance floors will fully connect to a surrounding tent floor to create a seamless overall look for your event. 

Our wood finish modules work with our solid coloured floors, enabling you to create a fantastic game court that mimics the look of professional arena floors. 

Floor versions-EverBlockNZ.jpg

We Incorporate the Latest in Modular Flooring Technology


Structural cross ribs and drainage channels are standard on all EverBlock floor tiles

EverBlock incorporates the latest technology in modular flooring design and incorporates the latest aesthetic trends, the most advanced connection system technology, and a focus on structural strength. 


EverBlock Flooring was designed by one of the pioneers in modular flooring systems, Arnon Rosan, who has had over 25 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing millions of square feet of modular flooring throughout the world. 

Our Systems are Quick and Easy to Install and Remove

EverBlock exhibit flooring transports in up to 91.44cm x 121.92cm panels, allowing for rapid installation by a minimal crew.  Sections can also be transported in boxes, depending on what is easiest and more economical to ship to the convention site.  It takes 1-2 people about 15 minutes to install a 10x20 trade show floor.

Modules connect in a matrix, creating a seamless plastic exhibit floor that is both attractive and safe for heavy traffic trade show booths.

Due to EverBlock’s unique connector design, flooring sections can be nudged by foot into their connection position and then snapped into place with a simple step.

Install EverBlock2.jpg
Place and Position sheets
install Everblock Flooring-EverBlockNZ.j
Gently back kick to connect
Durable and Easy to Clean and Maintain

EverDance is manufactured using durable high-impact Polypropylene plastic, and incorporates structural cross ribbing that provides incredible strength, rigidity, and torsional stability.

EverDance flooring can handle not-only the weight of dancers, but also of equipment such as staging, AV equipment, speakers, and more.

Floors can be cleaned using standard household cleaning supplies and individual 30.48cm x 30.48cm sections can easily be replaced if needed. 

EB garage flooring with SUV.jpg
EverBlock Features Integrated Cable Channels

EverBlock Flooring modules contain structural cross-ribs for additional strength and integrated cable and drainage channels on the underside, which enable you to run networking and power cables under your floor and allow rain and water to flow underneath the floor.  You can also run LED lights to illuminate translucent versions of the floor, for dramatic effects

Dancing Floor-EverBlockNZ.jpg
All of Our Floors Store are Portable, Store Easily & Transport Compactly
comfy feeling underfoot-EverBlockNZ.jpg

EverBlock Flooring transports in pre-assembled 91.44cm x 91.44cm or 91.4cm x 121.92cm sections, depending on your preferred size.  These section sizes are ideal for fast installation and removal as they can be handled by one person comfortably. 

66 pre-assembled sections can be loaded on a standard pallet, allowing for 594 to 792 square feet to be transported on a single pallet.

water resistant flooring-Everblock
100% Weather and Water Resistant

EverBlock flooring is water proof, allowing it to be use in humid, wet, and damp areas such as basements, in the rain, and more. The wood finish on EverDance will not warp, rot, crack, or delaminate due to exposure to water.

weather resistant flooring-everblocknz.j
Re-useable and Re-configurable

EverBlock Flooring is completely re-useable.  When your event or function is over or when you are moving or need to reconfigure your space, simply disconnect EverBlock tiles and transport to the next location. 

We offer rentals and sales of EverBlock Flooring  as well as design and installation services.  We can consult with you on large scale or complex projects and provide customised solutions to meet your needs.

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