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Dream, Build, Repeat



EverBlock is committed to green building

At EverBlock, we are aware of the impact waste has on our planet. And we know that as a company and as individuals, we have a critical obligation to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. 

It is our job as innovators to come up with innovative solutions for green-living. We think we have come up with a unique way to save on material usage, avoid the need to recycle by re-purposing, and to minimise transportation costs. 

It's as much about repurposing as it is about recycling

There is no other system that allows one product to be used for so many different applications, like EverBlock. Unlike other furniture or building materials, where people simply throw things out when they are finished with them, EverBlock blocks can continue to be repurposed again and again for various needs, reconfigured as needs change, and shipped compactly to additional locations. 

This means less material is used, energy is saved because new material doesn't need to be extracted and formed, and material doesn't need to be recycled (and doesn't end up in a landfill). 

Imagine one universal block that can be used for hundreds of applications so that you never need to throw it away - That's EverBlock.

EverBlock is Recyclable

The Polypropylene material in EverBlock is fully recyclable, though we hope you never have to recycle. EverBlock can also be manufactured using 100% recycled material. Currently we only utilise recycled material for Black blocks, but we continue to search for a reliable feed-stock of recycled plastic which is consistent enough to be used for the other 15 standard colors we offer. It is a mission of ours to find the right source of material to allow us to use 100% recycled material in the future.

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