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Our Passion


We're Revolutionising The Way People Realise Their Ideas

EverBlock Systems was formed to make it easy for companies and people everywhere to build large sized objects using a series of universal building blocks.  Simplicity of design and construction is at the core of the company's view of the world and we want to make it easy to tap into people's imagination and love for creating new objects. 

Like the toys of our childhood, which enabled us to express ourselves and realize our vision in physical products, EverBlock was conceived to allow designers, decorators, and inventors everywhere to economically build their dream objects. We love the idea of a desk one day becoming a wall, then a chair, then a coffee table, then a shelving system. 

What you construct is limited only by your imagination. We're just here to help.

EverBlock in New Zealand

EverBlock Systems is distributed in New Zealand is through authorised agent BrickWorks Event Ltd as EverBlocks New Zealand. We sell and rent EverBlocks throughout New Zealand  currently shipping from our Auckland warehouse.   

We also provide a shared working space for everyone that wants to have a flexible daily hot desk or make their own areas for team meetings, workshops and trainings . With a range of options for desks and meeting rooms, all flexible with our fun and versatile building blocks, we offer a cool and professional work environment that is suitable for all types of businesses. 

wall dividers for open work space-everbl
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